iNNO LMS aims to serve the parties of the educational process (school administration – teacher – student – student’s parents) by providing special services to each one of them separately and linking them through the system (student affairs – workers’ affairs – school control – School accounts – student accounts – school bus – school library – stores)

Features & Technologies

iNNO LMS Features

  • The system is flexible and easy to use by all parties.
  • Distribution of students on classes – buses – examination committees automatically according to data and academic teams.
  • A day-to-day management system for each class, which means that each student’s daily duty is assessed and evaluated with parents’ assessments seen.
  • There is an account for each one that enables him to know the tuition fees and their dates and to know and communicate with the members of the supervising staff of their children.
  • Manage student data, edit or close their files, manage their ratings and grades, and link them electronically.
  • Manage the attendance, absence and leave of students, teachers and all employees.
  • Manage lecture and exam schedules, student certificate data, and school card.
  • Includes all government and non-government reports required from the school to manage student affairs.
  • Enroll tuition fees, make custom deductions, and set up your school fees.

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