SMS Services


iNNOTECH SMS is a department specialized in providing customers with SMS through its website by using the latest modern technologies. This service is divided into the following:

You can make use of this service by opening a customer’s account which includes the user’s name and a secret number for the customer? This way uses the data base related to the customer so that he can communicate with his customers and send them messages.

You can make use of this service by using electronic market in order to publish the products, the shows and the occasions of the customers by sending SMS with use of the available data for iNNOTECH on the level of Egypt and sending it according to the required category on the part of the customer.

It is a service specialized in the services of mobile phones and digital solutions for the development of the required programs or the ready programs and providing the technical iNNOTECH in all the fields of the different work. Its aim is to establish and apply special and new services and to establish a communication environment.