innoHR System

The system provides integrated solutions for companies and institutions through the management of data for employees and their files and follow-up attendance and departure and management of salaries, and you can work on different processes for employees such as printing file and documents, management of applications for leave and sanctions and visas as well as transfers between staff departments and you can enter promotions and grades and linking each employee As well as managing loans and advances, payroll and out-of-service settings. You can also manage the system’s powers and define the powers of each user.

Features & Technologies

innoHR Features

  • The system contains an integrated system to manage the data of employees and their files.
  • The system helps you to evaluate and monitor employee performance with ease.
  • The system offers a huge set of reports required to extract all staff related and follow-up employee regularity
  • Reports are added and the necessary adjustments are made to the system to suit any company or organization.
  • The system enables you to calculate employee salaries by month, fortnightly, weekly, hourly and by piece.

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