Company Profile


iNNOTECH is a pioneer company in information technology and information systems in Egypt. iNNOTECH presents innovative software solutions especially in the field of web and cloud technologies. It also presents solutions of web design and development, application development, SMS solutions, web hosting and much more. We are keen to deliver these solutions and services based on the highest and the most modern technologies.

iNNOTECH depends on varying its services and presenting integrated solutions in the field of information technology and finally presenting these services to the client in a way the suits his/her needs and thus saving his/her time and money and also showing a high level of services.

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What we offer?

Web Development

iNNOTECH is dedicated to helping businesses with high-quality website design, Re-design and development to meet the latest website requirements. Our talented team of website designers and developers will provide you with professional web design services at the competitive prices. Having a full in-house staff of website designers and developers, iNNOTECH has full control of the project and scheduling of deliverables to meet or exceed your expectations in terms of delivery of your website.

Applications Development

iNNOTECH for consulting information and project technology cooperates with its partners to satisfy the basic need which the other different business sectors suffer from in the local market. In spite of the widespread and the amazing development in the realm of computer and the internet, the sales and marketing sector had the biggest share of development.

Mobile Applications Development

iNNOTECH builds mobile apps across any platform including Android, IOS, Windows, blackberry, and symbian with a focus on Android and IOS. We work with companies to understand their users and to shape and guide their mobile strategy. We create custom applications and solutions for mobile that exceeds mobile limits and capabilities to put all features between customer’s hands with the power of iNNOTECH concepts and researchers. Simply, our customers see future technology through our applications.

Cloud Hosting

iNNOTECH has an advanced data center provides a range of options for hosting services, starting from small business web hosting, individuals, and ending with the host of sensitive applications.

SMS Services

iNNOTECH SMS is a department specialized in providing customers with SMS
through its website by using the latest modern
technologies. This service is divided into the

  • Group Messages
  • SMS Propaganda
  • Interactive SMS

E-Marketing Services

iNNOTECH E-Marketing is A department specialized in marketing via-websites-Inside: The kingdom – The Arab Countries – The World.

  • Trademark development
  • Marketing by using the E-Mail

Who we Are?

Dedicating all our efforts and possibilities to satisfy the needs and requirements of partners and customers. This is through providing the most modern means of technology and most elegant connection services with suitable prices and in a way that achieves the highest levels of performance for our customers.

Cruise the world to explore the latest ideas, the latest scientific and practical solutions to our partners, Integrate with them through our outstanding team which is based on develop engineering techniques and solutions to even offer to our customers extracted research, global experience to satisfy the needs of their plans and projects for the future.