E-Marketing Services

iNNOTECH E-Marketing Services

iNNOTECH E-Marketing is A department specialized in marketing via-websites-Inside: The kingdom – The Arab Countries – The World.
it includes the following services:

Features & Technologies

Trademark development

INNOTECH develops the trademark for its customers through the internet.Millions of users use the internet daily. They represent a gig group of customers who are ready to recognize the products and services at times that are suitable for them of course; it is an important factor for increasing the sales. INNOTECH staff makes public relations with our customers; The staff publishes the information related to the products and the services presented by our customers. They express what the customer wants and they send the message and encourage the internet users to try our customers’ products. INNOTECH covers several internet channels such as clubs, social net works (groups) and mail groups in addition to sending the message to the e-mail boxes via the internet.

Marketing by using the E-Mail

INNOTECH does a marketing advertising for the customer using Electronic Mails. INNOTECH database is 8 million e- mails, 2 million e-mails for the users in Egypt and the rest the Arab countries is through mail addresses that cover all the business sector sand the individual mail addresses.