innoCollect Solution

iNNOCollect is a debt collection system that helps companies and institutions working in the field of debt collection to follow up on the case of contracts that have been assigned to them by their clients (contractors) as well as the change in its condition, through an easy to use and organized user interface.

Features & Technologies

innoCollect Features

  • Save companies details with the ability to modify or delete.
  • Companies can login to the system to follow their contracts only.
  • Save client’s contracts data (debtors to the companies) with the ability to modify or delete.
  • Latest technologies in building Databases.
  • Importing contracts form an external excel file contains any number of data in one go.
  • Add status to the contracts with a unique color for each status.
  • Identifying categories of contracts (such as: Insurance Companies, Banks, Individuals …).
  • Export contracts in PDF, XLS format, Print work reports for a specific employee or for all.

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